About Us

  • Canozanpano was established by Yalcin Irizalp in 1986 and started production in an atelier of 75m2 in the town of Karabaglar of Izmir.
  • Canozanpano is now a family-owned company consisting of Yalcin Irizalp (Electrical Technical Teacher), A. Ozan Irizalp (Mechanical Engineer MSc), Okan Irizalp (Electrical Electronics Engineer).
  • The company is committed to quality and customer satisfaction ever since the first started production.
  • In the factory utilized from all facilities of production technologies, quality and advanced technology are produced in a shorter time and lower costs. The necessary power for production is provided with CAD-CAM-aided manufacturing techniques, sheet metal processing with the latest technologies, dye works, mechanical assembly, electrical installation and shipment, test unit according to EN 60439-1/A1 norms with computer system, complicated carcass setup and the advantages of welding equipment.
  • Today, CANOZAN PANO is continuing its activities in the field of electrical system panels and enclosures manufacturing.